pvpython: How to save several datasets at once?


I am looking for a way to safe the data of several independent filters at once using paraview.simple
I just began programming with python, so please give me a hint even though the awnser might be obviously to you.

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-------- More explanation:
I have a set of 1000 time steps (later more) of a few cfd simulations (reader: OpenFOAmReader) and need several data written to csv files:
-plotOverLlines (at least two)
-plotSelectionOverTime (at least two, exact number unknown)

I am able two save the data one after the other but it takes a lot of time and I would like to save the data (or collect the data and save it later) without reloading every time step for every filter.

So far i use SaveData(’./interfaceVelocity.csv’, proxy=slice1_1, Precision=10, WriteTimeSteps=1) for saving

link to same question in cfd-online forum cfd-online.com

In ParaView 5.7, which hasn’t yet been released but should be available this summer, the Catalyst exporter will let you export more than one data set at a time for an entire time series. That isn’t available in 5.6.

To do this in 5.6, you can use Python scripting and call SaveData for any number of filters. To change timesteps, you can call

AnimationScene1 = GetAnimationScene()

Thank you very much!
I will try the scripting for now and see what 5.7 will bring as well.