(pvpython -m paraview.apps -l) Shows nothing in Build, while shows apps in Paraview Binary


I am trying to run the Paraview-lite application. The issue I’m getting is that it only shows the Paraview apps when I run this Command pvpython -m paraview.apps -l it shows noting in the paraview Build directory. The reference Image attached below:


Tried with Following ParaView versions Build from Source Code:

If I access pvpython in the Paraview directory Installed from Binary downloaded from Paraview official site. It will display the available apps as shown in the image attached below:


Please let me know If I Missed some flag while building paraview or any other mistake I’m making.

Ans Shakeel

That is expected as those applications are external to paraview and get bundled by the superbuild. To solve your problem, either build paraview from the superbuild or use a prebuilt version that you can download here.

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Thanks @jourdain :slightly_smiling_face: