pvpython opening multiple visualizations in same window

Dear all,

I am now using a script on windows that opens automatically some CFD results, however, for every case I need to launch a new instance of paraview and open them in a new window.
Is there a way in python to check if there is already an instance of paraview open and open the new files in the existing window?

Thanks in advance

Not sure what you mean, how do you run ParaView in python ?

Sorry, my bad I didn’t explain it properly…

I run a python script to open the paraview GUI and visualize cfd postpro, however sometimes I need to open one and then after some time open another case. Doing it by launching this script opens everytime a new window. I wondered if there is a way to check if there is a window already open and open it in the existing window

I’m afraid that is not directly possible, but you may be able to do that instead:

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