pvpython outputs are different in MacOS and Linux, Is it a BUG?

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I am a newbie in pvpython scripting, I am trying to render my scientific findings but the object which is put into the renderview using Source=>Cylinder
or script variant:

# create a new 'Cylinder'
cylinder1 = Cylinder()
cylinder1.Resolution = 112
cylinder1.Height = 30.0
cylinder1.Capping = 0

pvpython does not render the cylinder in Linux, However in my Mac OS laptop It is rendered (Please see attached pictures, don’t pay attention to the fact that vortexes are different it is due to different time steps).
The same version of pvpython in both machines
$ pvpython -V
paraview version 5.8.0
the same script, but different results. Who knows what is the problem?
I took the script thanks to Mathieu Westphal in this linkl2_state_for_script3.py (11.0 KB)

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Add this at the end of your script.

Thank you Mathieu!
I am wondering why in Mac OS it is rendered automatically, but in Linux we need to explicitly add the commands mentioned by you?)

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