pvserver and stream tracer

Hello. When I run paraview connected to a locally running pvserver (so that I can do things faster) run with:

mpirun -np 4 pvserver &

The server crashes when I try to run stream tracer with a spherical point cloud seed source.

The error that paraview puts out is:

The errors spat out by pvserver are given in this log file:
pvserver.error.log (37.1 KB)

And the errors spat out by paraview to the command prompt that it was run from are given in this log file:
paraview.error.log (1.6 KB)

I found this prior post that seems to deal with this issue but my understanding is that it requires running commands as a python script?

I am wondering if there is a way to replace or alias or attach an additional bit of code to the standard tracer command in the paraview interface with a custom commands that use the: AppendReduce class? as mentioned above so it does not crash? Is there a way to just issue the commands for the stream tracer in the python shell? Should I just record what I normally do when running locally not connected (single core) and then modify this with AppendReduce? How might I use AppendReduce? Is there anyway to get a python script from the state file that I have saved that includes this stream tracer? I looked at the AppendReduce page here:


It’s not ringing any bells for me. How would I use this with Tracer?

I am currently running paraview 5.11.

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Never mind. I just discovered that this has effectively been done for latest version.

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