pvserver v5.10.1 fails when client connects

Hello everyone

I compiled ParaView v5.10.1 myself with osmesa and system OpenMPI on AlmaLinux 8.5.
pvbatch does work and pvserver waits for clients. However, when a client connects, the client crashes and closes itself and the server says the following:

Alternatively I tried using the provided binaries with the --system-mpi option. This does lead to another problem. Does the --system-mpi option work with OpenMPI v4.1.2?

Thanks for any hints

No, openMPI does not support MPICH ABI.

Regarding your first issue, does your HPC system provide other mpi implementation ?

Thanks for the info about --system-mpi.

My HPC system has IntelMPI (no header files so compilation no possible), OpenMPI (hpcx version that is optimized for the used infiniband network) and MVAPICH2 which I’ve never used.

Hi @nopech ,

You should be able to use IntelMPI and MVAPICH2 with --system-mpi.

See this: MPICH ABI Compatibility Initiative | MPICH


Hi @mwestphal

Using MVAPICH2 with --system-mpi does work. However I would prefer to run ParaView with OpenMPI because on the same system other tools are already based on OpenMPI and changing the module in between an automated workflow is currently not implemented.

Any ideas why my self-compiled code has connection issues?

Hi @nopech ,

I understand your point but keep in mind that OpenMPI is usually not considered industry standard.

Any ideas why my self-compiled code has connection issues ?

I think there was some related issue, @nicolas.vuaille may know more.

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We recently fixed a problem that may be related (i.e. vtkSocketCommunicator (0x1932c20): Tag mismatch ) . So maybe you will be more lucky with the master branch ?

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