[Python] Calculator formulae

The Type “Expression” is for what? The Calculator? If so I recommend, a more specific name, such as “Calculator”. It’s confusing to have an “Expression” column as well as an “Expression” type.

The idea is that it could be used in other locations, not only in the Calculator.

We would like to distinguish “Python” and “non-Python” so we use “Expression” for the second one but I have no strong position, if you have better suggestions.

To bounce on my last intervention, we have the case of expression which are in fact only a value of a physical constant (as speed of light, Planck, gravitation, Rydberg, Boltzmann, etc)… hence this need for re-entering.

At the GUI, an alternative expression could be to put code or encoding instead of expression to remain general.

Happy to announce that the Expression Manager is now part of ParaView!

It was merged into the master branch, so it will be in the next 5.11 release.

Here is a final overview of the Manager dialog and its integration in the Properties panel.

Supported features include:

  • named expression
  • group (python or not)
  • auto save in the settings
  • export (and import) to file
  • quick access to save / use expression from the properties panel

Any feedback is welcome! So we can plan future potential evolutions.