Python documentation for CreateView

Hi, I want to create multiple views, I saw the documentation here:
Here is the citation: “paraview.simple.CreateView(view_xml_name, detachedFromLayout=None, ***params)”. It is not sufficient for me, thete is not decription of parameters. I cannot create views with some specific position. This is my problem.
Here is an example:

state file generated using paraview version 4.3.1

from paraview.simple import *

Create a new ‘Render View’

renderView1 = CreateView(‘RenderView’)
renderView1.ViewSize = [100, 200]
renderView1.StereoType = 0
renderView1.Background = [0, 1, 1]

layout1.SplitVertical(1, 0.5)

Create a new ‘Render View’

renderView2 = CreateView(‘RenderView’)

layout1.SplitHorizontal(1, 0.5)

Create a new ‘Render View’

renderView3 = CreateView(‘RenderView’)

Where can I find description of ViewSize, StereoType, SplitVertical and SplitHorizontal parameters? How to use them in order to create views in some specific positions and sizes?

This might give you a better idea.

Also the view are independent from each others. If you want to position them, you might need to apply some layout. But even that, I’m not sure that’s what you are trying to do.

Can you explain what you mean by position?

I mean I am trying to position renderviews on the layout like shown on attached image. Is there any way to make it using Python and paraview version 4.3.1?

Hi Lena,

Late reply but adding in case it is still useful to you or others. The easiest way to make such a layout is to make it interactively (as you appear to have done in your most recent image) then run “save state” and save as a python script. This will give you the algorithmic commands to make the numerous splits you show here, which, for me at least, are tricky to generate by programming.