Hi all,

I am currently working around ParaView and Spack and i realized that in the Spack’s ParaView recipe ( the CMake variable PYTHON_EXECUTABLE is set (line 540).

I’m wondering about the validity of such variable because ParaView uses now find_package(Python3 3.3 QUIET COMPONENTS Interpreter) and so, IMHO, the correct variable to use should be Python3_EXECUTABLE.

By the way, from the comment in the paraview’s main CMakeLists.txt:

  # testing needs Python interpreter i.e. `PYTHON_EXECUTABLE` without which
  # our `find_python_module` checks to determine which tests to add or exclude
  # will fail. We find it here.
  find_package(Python3 3.3 QUIET COMPONENTS Interpreter)

and from close source inspection, it seems that the variable PYTHON_EXECUTABLE is still used at some places in VTK source tree.

Is this normal? Should i specify both variables (PYTHON_EXECUTABLE and Python3_EXECUTABLE) ?

Thanks in advance

No, Python3_EXECUTABLE should be used everywhere instead.

Cc: @Ryan_Krattiger

CC @vbolea @danlipsa