Python scripting on MAC: can’t load paraview.simple with standard python interpreter

Hi everybody

I want to use paraview.simple with my standard python interpreter (currently python 3.7.0, based on conda). I have installed the latest release ParaView-5.9.0 on my MAC. I tried following the instructions at by setting PYTHONPATH, but there is no subdirectory “site-packages”. Looking at a working installation of ParaView-5.9.0 on a supercomputer that I have access to, PYTHONPATH is set to “…lib64/python3.8/site-packages”. On my MAC there is no such subdirectory. I tried setting PYTHONPATH to the directories “Libraries/lib/python3.8” and/or “Python” but that does not work.

Should it be possible to load paraview.simple with a standard python interpreter using the prebuilt binaries or do I need to compile paraview from source? Do I need to update my current python version?

I would appreciate if you could help me know what is my mistake and how I can solve it.

I think you should update your python version, the python interpreter’s version must be the same with what paraview used.