Python state file, filtername not saved


I want to automatize the creation of many threshold filters and discovered the python state file for my sake.
My workflow:
I already have an unstructured data set which I am working on:

  • I have manually created threshold filters in the paraview gui.
  • I renamed the threshold filters to my needs.
  • I saved the state as a python state file (for easier later automatization)

When I am loading the said python state file, all custom names are replaced by default names (“threshold1, threshold2” etc.)

How can I save the names which I have given to the threshold filters?

#Tested with Paraview 5.6 and 5.6.2 on Win 10 and Centos7.2

This is not supported in 5.6. 5.9 correctly preserves user-specified filter names when reloading. For 5.6, manually edit the state file to add registrationName='...' argument to each filter for example.

threshold1 = Threshold(registrationName="CustomName")
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