PyWebVue cannot run Paraview ContourGeometry example

I’m testing pywebvue project with Paraview 5.10 rc release.
I have some trouble running Paraview ContourGeometry example:
I have modified the paraview package from debian Testing to ship
accelratedalgorithms plugin:

trophime@XXX:~/github/py-web-vue$ dpkg -L paraview | grep AcceleratedAlgorithms

But still, I cannot run ContourGeometry example:

trophime@XXX:~/github/py-web-vue$ /usr/bin/pvpython3.9 ./examples/ParaView/ContourGeometry/DynamicLocalRemoteRendering/         template.html  
trophime@XXX:~/github/py-web-vue$ /usr/bin/pvpython3.9 ./examples/ParaView/ContourGeometry/DynamicLocalRemoteRendering/ 
enableModule is deprecated, you should use 'enable_module' instead.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/LNCMI-G/trophime/github/py-web-vue/./examples/ParaView/ContourGeometry/DynamicLocalRemoteRendering/", line 37, in <module>
    simple.LoadDistributedPlugin("AcceleratedAlgorithms", remote=False, ns=globals())
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/paraview/", line 2304, in LoadDistributedPlugin
    raise RuntimeError ("Plugin '%s' not found" % pluginname)
RuntimeError: Plugin 'AcceleratedAlgorithms' not found

What’s wrong with my settings?
Do I miss some point?

Thanks for your help

When running a ParaView example, you need to use pvpython from ParaView itself.
You will need to use a venv to bring pywebvue as an add-on. You will also have to use that file to extend pvpython with your add-on venv.

On a side note, for any 5.10.RC you will need to use pywebvue==2.4.5 while for the official release of 5.10 the latest of pywebvue will be fine.

Also pywebvue is mostly a building block for trame which should provide an even easier environment for building web application based on VTK/ParaView without leaving the Python environment.

You can find the matching examples of pywebvue in trame example directory.