Q criterion in Paraview


i am trying to open this LES data file for around 3GB vtu but Paraview keep crashing and does not open. I am just wondering is this problem of Paraview or my system.
Also I am trying to evaluate Qcriterion if this file can able to open. Please advise how can I do it? Because online I see all but i do find contour to show Q criterion anywhere.

Please share your file

Uploading: Injection_13325.vtu…
I think I tried multiple times but file here is not uploading and giving error. Is there any other way I can share it?
I am trying to get hair pin structures in my surfaces with Q criterion .

Use a website like wetransfer or google drive.

Sure. Here is my Paraview file for which I am trying to get this hairpin vortices as attached. I already have SU2 extracted Q criterion for me .


I was able to open your file with ParaView 5.8.1 on linux, but it was using up to 25G of memory to be able to do so.


Sure then it’s just memory problem in my system. But can we able to do Q criterion (iso-surfaces) for velocity magnitude in this memory constraint?

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Yes it should be possible, but in any case, I’d suggest to ressample to an image first in order to be able to use GPU side computation for the ise surfaces.

Ok Great! I will try it. Thank you!