Qt and Superbuild

Do I need to install Qt for building paraview-superbuild?
If yes, when I create my own binary for my application, will the user of my applications would also have to install Qt?

You can choose when configuring your superbuild with USE_SYSTEM_Qt:

  • ON means Qt should be installed on the build machine, but then it should also be on the user one,
  • OFF means Qt will be downloaded, built and packed by the superbuild.

Note that macOS and Windows both require a system Qt as we do not ship build instructions for those platforms anymore.

So, the question is if I am creating a binary of my custom application will my customer (whom I will send my binary) will also have to install Qt on their systems in order to use my custom application GUI?

That’s up to the foo.bundle.cmake you write; you can INCLUDE_REGEXES the Qt library names to make sure they’re included (though anything not in a “system” path will be included by default anyways).