Qt licensing changes

How will the changes in the Qt licensing model for their LTS versions affect ParaView?
Seems to be the end of the line for Qt5.
Will this force an early shift to Qt6 for ParaView? Is there a softer upgrade path? Where it is going?


I expect we’ll use whatever we can get with the FOSS license. I don’t know if a new release has been made or not, but we could probably build our own Qt if the source is at least available (the binaries are awfully convenient, but not really 100% required).

That said, VTK has had initial Qt6 support added, though I suspect that the OpenGL changes in Qt6 do affect VTK and I haven’t heard anything about testing that yet.

Cc: @utkarsh.ayachit

what’s the status of the qt6 port ?
it seems qttesting is key here, as it seems required to build pv
the xmlpatterns module is not available in qt6, but that’s only for the documentation right ?