Qt modules under GPLv3

I’m considering some modification and redistribution of ParaView in a binary form and found that ParaView has some GPL-licensed Qt modules which are not applicable for closed-source redistribution.

However, when I downloaded the source code of ParaView and searched the modules of QT that are under GPL license (https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtmodules.html#gpl-licensed-addons), I couldn’t found any of them listed in GPLv3 based modules.

Which module in the ParaView are under GPL license?
Can I remove the parts in ParaView that are using GPL-licensed modules to circumvent the copy-left issues?
More, is there any other dependencies that has similar limitations (obliging open-sourced redistribution) in ParaView?

Thank you.

Hmm. I think we’re just using LGPL libraries from Qt these days. @utkarsh.ayachit I don’t know when that page was last updated, but it should be handled when we do the license stuff we had been talking about. There are some dependencies that we can use that have GPL configurations:

  • FFmpeg (with x264 or x265 support)
  • OpenTurns (not in the binaries)

Probably one or two others I can’t remember off-hand, but none should be in the binaries.