Quad Splitting and Jagged Shockwaves

I’ve been seeing more of an issue recently displaying strong shocks in turbomachinery flow where strong artificial oscillations are introduced in the contour plots. An example is shown below.

and here is the same solution with the mesh overlayed.

My best guess is that when doing the interpolation either Paraview or OpenGL is splitting the quad elements in the mesh into triangles as I’ve run into an issue like this with some gas property interpolation work I had done some time ago. Based on this, I tried doing a different triangulation of the mesh to see if the issue disappeared and got the following result.

Again, here is the same solution with the mesh overlayed.

This results in a much cleaner solution but I don’t think that customers who use Paraview would find that to be an ideal solution. So my question is, assuming my suspicions are correct, is there any way to force Paraview to either perform interpolation on quad cells rather than triangles or can I swap diagonals in cases where the decomposed quads are aligned with the flow in an unfortunate way?