Quaternion mode for glyph orientation


I am using Paraview 5.12.0 (I also tried 5.11.0) on Ubuntu 23.10 (mantic). I want to orient 3D Glyphs directly by using quaternions. I have found in the release notes that it should be possible:

I have created an array of 4D vectors based on information provided in this discussion: Help with exporting quaternion data in vtu file

However, I cannot use it as an orientation array (only 3D arrays are detected). I cannot find any option to use the ‘Quaternion mode’.

The release notes mentioned above state that there was ’ a choice between direction vector or angles around three axes’. I think that I could also use angles, but how can I ‘tell’ Paraview which option I want to use?


HI @brzezink

This is working fine here with a 4 components array:

a.vtp (18.2 KB)

Hello @mwestphal,

Thank you for your answer. Could you please share how you set up this visualisation? Maybe I am missing something straightforward, but I have not been able to find a solution for a while.

Here is how it looks when I try to use Quaternion for orientation:

Only “normals” can be accepted as orientation arrays from your dataset.


You are using the Glyph filter instead of using the 3DGlyphs representation.

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Sorry for posting such a basic problem and thank you for help in solving it!

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