Query on using paraview.simple.VortexCores


Could someone please tell me 1) what the inputs should be, and 2) How the parameter arguments are passed for the vortex cores function shown below:

paraview.simple. VortexCores (*input , **params )

Also, is this found as a filter or plugin in the Paraview GUI itself ? if so could someone please direct me to the location.

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There is a filter in ParaView named Vortex Cores. All filters in ParaView have a corresponding Python function of the same name.

It sounds like you are jumping into the ParaView scripting very fast. I would recommend playing with the ParaView GUI first and trying the Start Trace / Stop Trace to demonstrate how to use these functions in the Python bindings.

Thank you for responding so quickly! I am using Paraview 5.6 (for reasons) and the reason why I went into the trying python scripting is because the Vortex Cores filter doesn’t show up in my filters list.

Any insights on what could be causing the omission ? Is there a plugin that I have to load before it shows up in the filters list ? or Should I upgrade to the laster version ?

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The Vortex Cores filter was not added until ParaView 5.8, as I recall. Maybe 5.7.

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Thank you so much! That pretty much answers my question. I had an inkling that it might just be feature not included in 5.6 but was hesitant to upgrade; Apologies for asking a trivial question.