Question about developping paraview plugin

Hi. I’m learning to develop a plugin using vtk-m cont and rendering libraries. My target is to make the plugin work with binary release of ParaView in Windows. But I faced the following problem:

In windows, there is no docker image for plugin-build. I therefore build the pareview ourself together with VTKM_USE_RENDERING=ON in cmake. After that, I build the plugin by linking the plugin with the vtkm_cont and vtkm_rendering. (I use this example for demo, and only modify the following two files)

This plugin works well when the vtkm_rendering is not used in the plugin (by commenting out Line 19 and Line 26)
But if we turn on vtkm_rendering functions, the binary release of ParaView loads the plugin with errors (something like can’t find symbols ).

Would you mind kindly pointing out what might be wrong? It would be very kind if you could provide any suggestions or ideas. Thank you.

Building a plugin for the binary release on windows is complex. You need to use the superbuild and enable the same options as our release.