Question about displaying result with paraview

Hi, guys.
I am developing a numerical simulation algorithm.
The elements in it is not grid mesh, but distinct elements ( each element use a poly data).
With some big cases, there will be many elements.
And I want to toggle visibilities of each element.

I am now outputing data to disk by format PVD together with VTP.
The visualization works great, but I cannot toggle visibilties of each element.

Then, could anyone give me a hint ?
For example, what format I should output to support toggling visibilities of each element.
Or, paraview already support this, Where could I found it?

One option, if I am understanding this correctly, is to use a VTM instead of PVD. That way, you can make each polydata a separate block. Then you can use the Multiblock Inspector to toggle individual blocks.

Where could found introduction of format .vtm ?

It is not documented yet :

But the format is quite self explanatory, here is an example :
test.vtm (261 Bytes)

<VTKFile byte_order="LittleEndian" header_type="UInt64" version="1.0" type="vtkMultiBlockDataSet">
    <Dataset index="0"  file="Step0.vtp"/>
    <Dataset index="1"  file="Step1.vtp"/>
Hi, tried the format, but paraview told me
ERROR: In e:\bbd\ecd3383f\build\superbuild\paraview\src\VTK\IO\XML\vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReader.cxx, line 317 vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReader (0000025809FB1DA0): Syntax error in file.

My paraview is version 5.6-vs2015

Should I change data format of .vtp ?

can you share Step0.vtp and Step1.vtp ?

of course.
Step0.vtp (12.7 KB) Step1.vtp (12.8 KB)

Did you remember your closing XML tag?

I am sorry, I forgot to copy the end XML tag </VTKFile>.

But with the end tag, the error still exists.

You have a mistake in your capitalization:
Dataset -> DataSet

This file works. The error message could be more informative :slight_smile:

Oh, My fault.
I changed to DataSet,it works !!!
But Another problem appears. Every time I select an element from “Multi-Block Inspector”, all elements will be colored once. The snapshot.

Did I output .VTP file with wrong format ?

Could anyone help me ?

What is your question ?

replace *.pvd file with *.vtm file .
The “multi-block inspector” works.
But every element in “multi-block inspector” colors all polydata.

When I turn on 4 elements in “multi-block inspector”, all polydata are colored for 4 times.
Just see the picture above.

Does I write *.vtp file with wrong format ?

Or the *.vtm treat each in it as one polydata ?

In other words, *.vtm DOES NOT support time-step (like *.pvd) ?

Not like .pvd no. Only as a time series.