Question about the "Save current display settings values as default"


I’m trying out the Save current display settings values as default option in the GUI and I’m wondering what the behavior is supposed to be. What I’m doing is creating a Cylinder source, the changing the representation to Surface With Edges. Then I click on the Save current display settings values as default button to save that Display setting. Next I delete my Cylinder source and create another Cylinder source and what I’m expecting is that the newly created Cylinder source will have the Surface With Edges representation. Is that the expected behavior here?

Note that if I copy the Surface With Edges representation and then later on paste that it changes the represention to Surface With Edges. Also, I can save properties like the Cylinder source’s Resolution and that gets set when I create a new Cylinder source.


Yes, that should be the behavior, but it isn’t at the moment: and Understanding why requires some investigation.