Question about ways to represent complex number in grid data and dynamically modify point or cell data

Hi there,

I’m a student trying to do some visualization for my project. I’m really new to paraview and get lost when try to represent complex number in paraview. I want to use .vts file format but how can I tell the DataArray in vtk file to interpret my data as a complex value with real part and imaginary part? Also, it seems if I generate many vtk files and merge them together to become a pvd file and do animation, the size of the file is too big. Is it possible to modify my point value dynamically during visualization (If there is no way in the software, is it possible to do that with python package provided by paraview?).

Thanks so much for your time reading this!

I guess I find the way to modify data dynamically, which is by using programmable filter and modify output data and time stamp. However, I still can’t find any thing talking about representing complex number in paraview…
Looking forward to some replies!