Question regarding Paraview 5.7 and OptiX Raytracing + Nvidia Index Plugin Volume Rendering

not sure if this is the correct category, I am just curious, in PV 5.7 OptiX Raytracing algorithm is implemented. Is it possible to use Volume Rendering (best with Nvidia Index Plugin) and RayTracing algorithms together? In previous versions it was not.

OSPray + VolumeRendering works great.

I did not test NVidia tools.

No it will not.

The OSPRay ray caster (aka “scivis”) has supported volume rendering since ParaView 5.2.

The OSPRay and OptiX path tracers ignore volumes. Path traced volumes will likely arrive with OSPRay in ParaView 5.8 in the fall. I do not know when the NVidia side will get it.