Questions about changing clip values

I have a windows 10 computer, using paraview 5.2.10, I downloaded paraview from the official site.

I know that in paraview it is possible to script. I have had troubles doing this though with what I want. Specifically, I have a state file I want to load in. Then I want to loop through 2 things. Namely, changing a clip and then changing a calculator data filter. finally I want to get the variable named denominator in the integrateVariables2 table. I don’t know how’d I would access these things remotely in the python shell or in a script. I have done it by hand, but I want to automate this process
another problem I have ran into, I have tried to load the state file I am talking about with the Load State command but that didn’t work
I type LoadState(‘C:\Program Files\ParaView 5.12.0\bin\Week 2\Material\paraview_statefile_material_sweep.pvsm’) in the python shell in
paraview and paraview crashes, the input is the file path to the state file I was mentioning

below is the what the pipeline looks like in the state file I want to load

for further context I want to change thing’s properties
I’d like to be able to change the radius and change Frad_x.