Questions about VR capabilities

I have 2 questions about using ParaView with a VR headset:

  • When I’m using the headset and I try to visualize how my data evolves over time by pressing the play button, the view in the headset just becomes dark. If I try to step though frames one at a time, the view becomes momentarily dark, and then the data re-appears. Is this a limitation of Paraview’s VR capabilities, or could I see data sets play if I use a better GPU?

  • Can more than 1 person wear a VR headset to collaboratively view the same data set? I know that ParaView has a collaboration mode, but I’m not sure if it works with VR. In a 2016 blog post, Kitware mentions developing VR-collaboration capabilities, but I can’t find any additional information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ParaView animation in VR is currently not working due to some performance issues. It is on the agenda to be fixed in the next couple months.

Multi participant collaboration in Paraview VR is in development. The basics are working but the code is still changing rapidly. It supports any number of participants in VR, named avatars, syncs rays, clipping, going to saved positions and a few other features.

This code does require each participant to have their own copy of the data and it does not synchronize any changes made on the GUI. e.g. if one participant adds a threshold filter the others will not see that. So its current approach is more for sharing a state file and then collaboratively exploring it in VR.

As the collaboration support matures I’ll write up a blog post on it. Some of this code is already checked into ParaView master but it is turned off by default, if you want to dig deeper you can take a look at the CMakeLists file for the OpenVR plugin on master but, it is still very much under development. The good news is that it is actually under development in that I am working on it fairly regularly these days :slight_smile:

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Hi Ken, would you be able to provide an update regarding the status of the collaboration support in Paraview? I’m asking because we have a small team working on an AR HL2 app for visualising wildfire smoke forecasts, and it has been very helpful to do rapid prototyping in Paraview. For example-
Many thanks