Questions on paraview glance

Hello, I have a few questions about Paraview Glance.

  1. Are you guys planning to convert vtk vanilla.js examples to vue.js?
  2. If this is not the case, could you please explain how to integrate vanilla.js code into vue.js?
  3. Is there any plan to convert all vanilla.js vtk.js examples to vue.js examples?
  4. I’m trying to incorporate a new widget into ParaView Glance but am having trouble. Could you please explain how to add a new widget to Glance?

I’m not sure that is Glance related but vtk.js is framework agnostic which means it can be integrated into Vue.js, React, Angular and more… Therefore to be fair to all those communities we can only provide plain javascript examples so they could understand how to use our library.

Then it is up to them with their knowledge of JS and their favorite framework to embed vtk.js the way they want and see fit for their needs.

Having said that we have some built-in integration with vue and react that people can start using directly or use as reference for their own integration.

So to summarize:

  1. no
  2. You can look at the View in Glance or the View in vue-vtk-js as example
  3. no (duplicate of 1)

Basically the provided documentation is about vtk.js not JavaScript or Vue. There is already plenty of tutorials out there for those with wonderful documentation.



Thank you for your response; I appreciate your time and understand that you are busy, but could you please explain or point me in a direction of a tutorial to integrate any widget of your choice in main paraview glance. I know you said that every widget integration is different but if you point me in a direction for one, i can figure out for rest of the widgets,
Will be much appreciated. Without any tutorial/guidebook, it’s very hard to utilize the full power of widgets integration in glance.