RAMSES output


I’m working with a researcher who is using RAMSES for simulations of stars and gas on an AMR grid. I’d like to get the output into ParaView, but I’m struggling with the binary files RAMSES produces.

You can see output from a small simulation here.

Some searching revealed a decade-old Kitware blog post about the development of AMR functionality which hints at an ongoing effort to add a reader for RAMSES, but the comment from @berkgeveci makes it sound like that effort stalled.

More searching revealed similarly old posts (here and here) about a connection between ParaView and yt, which can read RAMSES output. I was able to import yt in a Programmable Source and read the particle data into ParaView without too much trouble, but I’m getting stuck on the AMR gas data.

If anybody has experience with these things, I’d be grateful for their help.

Hi @dmreagan ,

I’m afraid you are correct, there is not RAMSES reader in VTK/ParaView, yet.
Such a reader would be needed top be able to read this data.

There has been improvement to the vtkHDF support and AMR data recently, so maybe you can convert your data to this format ?