Read data off a curved terrain.

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I’m trying to read data at 1.1m off the ground, but my ground is sloped/hilly.
What would be the best way to use the ground’s geometry, offset it by 1.1m and read result there?

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This is a bit unclear, can you share your dataset ?

hi @mwestphal

Thanks for replying.

I’ll try to describe this better and if still needed I’ll share a demo dataset.

It’s a CFD simulation over a curved terrain, I’m trying to read the U velocity at 1.1m off the ground.The usual slice normal to Z doesnt work as it intersects the terrain many times.

let me know if this is clearer

So you have:

  1. A volumic dataset with a U velocity defined everywhere
  2. A surfacic dataset corresponding to the ground

Is that correct ?

That is correct indeed.

I can either read results on a slice anywhere or also read results on surfaces of my geometries.

I’d like to use the shape of the ground , offset it by a distance along Z axis and read the volumic data there.

This should work then:

  1. Open your volumic data, Apply
  2. Open your surfacic data, Apply
  3. Add a transform filter on the surface, Translation of 1.1 in z, Apply
  4. Select the volume
  5. Add a ResampleWithDataset filter
  6. Select the transform as a secondary input
  7. Apply
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@mwestphal you’re the best!

I had to hack my world for the past 3 years before this and lose so much time!!
Thank you so much this is wonderful!!!

Best wishes

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

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