Read file format .nek5000


Can you give me precise instructions regarding how i can read in paraview the file format .nek5000 ( so the output of the CFD code nek5000) ?
There was a previous discussion, but wat not clear at all.

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Nothing specific.
If you build ParaView yourself, make sure to enable VisitBridge.

I think that the building is the problem, since currently Paraview cannot open the file .nek5000.
How can I manage it ?

Are you building ParaView ? How did you install it ?

I installed it.

How ?

Did you use apt-get install ? A windows installer ? Downloaded from where ?

Sorry, my OS is Ubuntu18.04.3 LTS.
Honestly I didn’t remember how I installed it, I think using apt-get install.
(Is it possible that it was installed directly during the OpenFoam installation?)
Anyway I pretty sure that I used apt-get install.

The Ubuntu provided package is outdated and unoptimized. It also does not contain the VisitBridge.
I recommend downloading our release from

I solved downloading the lastest version from the link you give me, thanks!

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