Read Int16 from binary file in XDMF

I would like to load a binary file containing Int16 numbers using XDMF. The DataItem tag seems to support a Precision attribute, which I assume is the number of bits?
But, if I define a DataItem like this:
<DataItem Dimensions="136 512 512" Endian="Little" Format="Binary" ItemType="Uniform" NumberType="Int" Precision="2">int16_image.raw</DataItem>

The image will load incorrectly: In the information tab, I see a very huge number range, which is impossible using Int16 (like -7.1763e+7 to 1.16197e+8) and only half of the image seems to be loaded.

I selected the Xdmf3ReaderS and running Paraview 5.6

In order to test the behaviour, I created some artifical files:
testimage_i16.raw (17.6 KB) testimage_i16.xmf (701 Bytes) testimage_i32.raw (35.2 KB) testimage_i32.xmf (701 Bytes)

the _i16 version are Int16, while _i32 are Int32.

Is int16 not supported or did I specified it incorrectly?

Using some trial and reading code, I found out that the actual name for the NumberType is Short and Precision is not required at all.
But this is contrary to the XDMF documentation which states that there is only Int/UInt and Precision…
Anyways, the here given names work:

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