Read LS Dyna input (k file)

Dear experts

I could not read LS Dyna input files formatted as k extensions (XXXX.k),
though paraview allows k extension files.

Could you tell me how to read them?


the LSDynaReader does support .k files, but I do not see any tests for it.

Could you share your data ?



Thankss for sharing THUMS | Toyota Motor Corporation, however there is many datasets there, but could not find one in the .k format. Please point to a specific dataset you want to open.

Dear Mathieu

Thank you for your kind reply, and apologize for my late mail.

There are main three models as the below,
(1) AF05_V7_Occupant
(2) AM50_V7_Occupant
(3) AM95_V7_Occupant

I first would like to use the (1).
But I could not read all .k format files in it.

I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Kind regards

2023年3月27日(月) 21:47 Mathieu Westphal (Kitware) via ParaView <>:

ParaView is unable to read any of the .k files present in the files you provided sadly.

I do not have access to other .k files to try but maybe @utkarsh.ayachit knows more.

cc: @dcthomp