read sparse array in paraview

Dear all,

I am trying to understand if Paraview/VTK has a convenient way of representing data organized as sparse arrays. I would like to save results of a 3D simulation organized in a Cartesian grid which is mainly empty: I understand that one possible solution to visualize this sort of data with Paraview is to treat the data as unstructured and add coordinates and connectivity to the list of non-zero values. However, this is much more information than necessary for this sort of case, because it is in fact a simple 3D structured grid for which the list of non-empty grid points should be enough, in principle, to reconstruct the mesh. Is there an obvious solution for this?


Marco Atzori

Hi @AtzoriMarco

While not perfect for sparse array, implicit composite array can be used:

Actually implementating a sparse array using implicit array framework would be pretty trivial though, feel free to go for it or reach out if you are not a developer.


Hi! Thanks a lot for your replay!
I am not an expert on VTK but I will have a look and send update/questions if I have difficulties!