Read the data from ANSYS Fluent

I was trying to import the data from ANSYS Fluent, I searched online said export the data as the EnSight file from Fluent and then change the extension .encase to .case manually.
After importing the .case file, it gives me a error message " vtkEnSightGoldBinaryReader (0000003C1B6F53A0):invalid VARIABLE line: SCRIPTS" I am confused what problem is this and how can I fix it. By the way, even I got this error, I can still apply the file and the screen shows me the geometry.

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ParaView doesn’t seem to support the SCRIPTS Section in EnSight Gold case file. However, as this section is an optional section, their lines can be deleted with no harm.

metadata: filename.xml

You can find more information about EnSight Gold case file format.

Thanks so much for your help.
If ParaView won’t support the Ensight file, is there any other method for Paraview to read ANSYS Fluent data?

I think ParaView supports EnSight Gold format sufficiently and currently EnSight format is the best to load ANSYS Fluent data based on my experience.

Thanks so much! Actually I don’t have license for Ensight software, I just exported as Ensight format from Fluent , is that ok? or I must get a license to use Ensight format?

As far as I know, Fluent can export EnSight Gold format without having to purchase a license for EnSight. However, you had better ask the vendor about it to ensure accuracy.

OK I will. Thanks a lot! That is really helpful.

could you describe the steps to export and load fluent files in paraview?

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Just open the file with ParaView.

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