Reader not found for loading .vtk file (done in ubuntu)

Im using paraview 5.4. and could not find any reader in paraview to load my .vtk files.While opening the files it shows a message like this and a list of readers are shown. If I select the vtkparticle files reader, the paraview doesnt show any particles there in the interface. Can you plz suggest me a solution for this.

You .vtk file is invalid, that is why ParaView can’t open it.

Sir how can i sole that problem?

How did the file was created ?
Can you share it here ?

particles_0.vtk (155 Bytes) particles_500.vtk (6.0 KB)
Sir these vtk files are the result files of a simulation done in LIGGGHTS (ubuntu). Two of my result files are here attached with this message. These vtk files represent particles which are entering into a screw conveyor.

Sir, What will be the issue in the vtk file to become invalid. Can i solve this by correcting my input script of simulation. Or is there any other way to sove this issue

Your file are not in the vtk format, but LAMMPS atom style dump file format

You have to save into a format recognized by ParaView.

Thank you for the information sir. I will go through the issue and get back to you sir.