Reading and converting in exodus format

Dear Experts,

I have some files in VTK format, now I need to convert them to exodus format, I tried many ways.
One of them is to convert them via python code through meshio library, but I found that the reading result is not normal during the visualisation process using the interface version of paraview, every time I read the same exodus file there will be a different result, using the meshio library and then converting the obtained exodus file to vtk format, the reading is normal.
I tried to use paraview to read vtk directly and then export the exodus file, only one of the files can be read successfully under the same operation for many times, the other files will report error when reading, which makes me very puzzled.
I suspect that my operation is not standard, I hope you can give me some advice, so that I can successfully convert vtk to exodus format can be used!

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.