Reading ANSYS APDL (RST) results in Paraview

Hi Everyone,

Is there any way to read ANSYS APDL (RST) result in Paraview?
I searched the forum and found some posts but none of them were helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Mike_Richards ,

There is no such reader in ParaView, you may need to convert your data to another format.



You may be able to convert .rst file to .vtk or .vtu file using PyMAPDL.

The script for the conversion is shown below.

from ansys.mapdl import reader as pymapdl_reader

result = pymapdl_reader.read_binary('file.rst')

result.save_as_vtk('file.vtu', [0])

The arguments of save_as_vtk function are explained in the following link: