Reading custom property from PLY file

Hello, I’ve got a PLY file with a custom property called signed_distance for each face of the mesh, and I’d like to use that property with a color map in ParaView. I can’t figure out how to access this property anywhere in ParaView, though; under Coloring the only option available in the dropdown is Solid Color, and I’m not able to pull in a color parameter from any fields in the file.

For reference, here’s the PLY header:

format binary_little_endian 1.0
element vertex 954459
property double x
property double y
property double z
property double signed_distance
element face 1908926
property list uchar uint vertex_indices

I’ve found similar questions elsewhere in Discourse, here and here. The answers advise unchecking “Map Scalars” and “Interpolate Scalars Before Mapping,” but that doesn’t change anything for me.

Any advice for pulling this custom property in and using it with a Color Map?

Quick update: I was able to access signed_distance by converting the PLY file to VTK via meshio, but I’m still curious about accessing the property natively through the PLY reader.

Hi @Jon

Please share your ply file