Reading Multiblock VTK file which inclueds named blocks, gets broken dataset.

I have lots multiblock dataset files and tried visualize those dataset with ParaView 5.10.1.
And I’ve met a problem.

Dataset readed from Multiblock VTK file which includes named blocks, will be broken on parallel pvserver of ParaView 5.10.x .

  1. Run pvserver in parallel.
    $ mpirun -n 2 pvserver
  2. Connect paraview to pvserver.
  3. Read test.vtm. (unzip attached testing file (17.2 KB))

test.vtm has 5 blocks.
In 2 pvserver processes case, first 3 blocks was succeeded to read and last 2 blocks was failed.
It seems reading is succeeded only blocks mapped on head process (rank 0).

Have I mistake to build paraview?
However, prebuilded binary distributed from has this problem, too.
And ParaView 5.9.1 or older can read normally.


Hi @earth2001y,

This was a known issue which is currently being fixed in VTK/ParaView.

Best regards,


Hi @jfausty ,

Thank you for your information about issue.
I expect to the issue will be fixed early.


Hi @earth2001y,

The issue should now be fixed in the ParaView master branch.

Kind regards,


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