Refactoring MultiBlock Inspector

I didn’t realize this either. I was looking for it in the UI a week or two ago and didn’t find it because the tooltip doesn’t show the instructions for Ctrl+Click unless you hover over a block with a color or opacity set. I had hovered over a nearby block’s title and the instructions just said to double-click. Bleh!

Also, these instructions (double-click, ctrl+click) are short enough they should be included in the legend shown by clicking the “?” button at the bottom right.

By the way,

search is already present if you click at the top right, a search bar pops-up which you can use to filter blocks by a regex

similarly, multi selection and deselection is also present if you click at the top right, you can then check/uncheck many blocks, and even sorting is there.

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That is nice, compact, and discoverable.

Ah, but there is no way to set the color or opacity for multi-selected blocks; only the block whose icon is double-clicked gets modified. The multi-selection can only be used to change visibility. Which seems inconsistent.

Yeah, i meant, multi-selection not multi property change, so we are in agreement on that.

Instead of using click to enable/edit (which is unusual) and Ctrl-click to reset and disable (which is not discoverable) we could use a context menu with two options: Enable (or Edit) and Reset. This context menu can also be documented in the tooltip. I understand that you show if a property is overridden or not by enabling/disabling the control.

Context menus are not really discoverable, either.

If we are going to have a popup to edit the color or opacity, that popup should just have a “Reset” (to prior value) and/or “Clear” (of any setting) button on it that is enabled when the property is already set and disabled otherwise.

I’ve seen this exact behavior in other applications. It’s highly intuitive when the checkbox ungreys(made up word) the line edit or corresponding property widget.

Let’s not be quick to dismiss that idea :slight_smile: it seems intuitive at least the way Epic designed it in Unreal Engine 5. I don’t remember seeing this in UE4.

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