Reflect .vtp file and save as new .vtp file

I am fairly new to ParaView, but I did not see anything related to my question on the FAQ. I am attempting to create a reflection of a .vtp file that I have acquired from an OpenSim model. I can open the .vtp file in ParaView and have used the reflect tool to reflect it over the Z axis. I have then extracted the surface to allow me to save it as a .vtp file, but the file format has 6 columns of polydata rather than the 3 of the original file. Is this the correct process for reflecting a .vtp and saving the result as a new file? If not, how should I go about this?

Not sure to follow here, could you share data and screenshots ?

Yes, I am attaching the original .vtp file that I would like to make a reflectionof, the resutling .vtp file that I get based on the process I described in my original post and a screenshot of the reflection and original vtp in paraview.

sheeppelvis.vtp (990.8 KB)
sheeppelvisReflected.vtp (1.5 MB)

I think you want to uncheck “Copy Input” checkbox of the reflect filter.

Yes, I have unchecked the ‘Copy Input’ box. I was unable to save the reflection as a .vtp file though. I tried using the ‘Save Data’ option to do this, but .vtp was not available in the file type dropdown menu.

Add an extract surface filter.

Adding an extract surface filter allowed me to save the file as a .vtp, but the file now contains 6 columns of ‘Normals’ data instead of the 3 in the original file. Is this a result of settings within ‘Save Data’ or just how .vtp files are saved within ParaView?

No idea what you mean, what is a “columns of ‘Normals’” ?

When opening the .vtp files in a notepad or other text editor the individual points are defined by 3 coordinates (3 columns). However, after reflecting, extracting the surface, and saving as a .vtp file in ParaView, the points are now defined by 6 coordinates for some reason. I am not sure why there are 6 coordinates per point after saving the extracted surface as a .vtp. To see the difference, you can open the original and reflected .vtp files I attached to see the change in number of coordinate columns.

They are not. This is just the automatic styling in ASCII files that organize the points two by two.

Just count the lines if you want to be sure.

Ah okay. Thank you