Reflecting axisymmetric domain in Paraview

Hello. I’m simulating the flow in a cylindrical reactor vessel, and in order to reduce computational time, I’m only considering an axisymmetric wedge ( I have attached a picture so that it’s a bit clear).

My question is, how do I reconstruct the complete mesh in paraview? Previously, I had used the reflect filter in paraview to create a mirror image by reflecting the mesh about a particular axis. However, I’m unable to do a 360 degree reflection using the reflect filter.

I’d appreciate any help on this. Ultimately, I’d like to visualise the complete cylinder on paraview, and not just the axisymmetric wedge.

Use the AngularPeriodicFilter for this task.

Dear Mathieu,

Thank You for the suggestion, it worked well. I just have a follow up question which I hope you can help me with.

Is there any way I can hide the reflection edges (the symmetry axis) which appear after the process is completed? I hope to only visualize the inner part of the cylinder, without the 6 edges created in the middle. Is there any way it’s possible to remove them?

MergeBlocks filter should do the trick.

Dear Mathieu,

Thank you for your help. It’s working now