Reflection effect of PBR

I want to achieve the reflection effect of PBR, but I can’t find the Use As Environment Lighting option where and where do I select skyBox. I looked it up in ParaviewGuide and I couldn’t find out.

This is a fairly recent option. Which version of ParaView are you using ?

FYI: @Michael @LfxPaul

I’m using Paraview 5.8.0.

In the Background property group, select Skybox instead of Single Color.
The checkbox Use As Environment Lighting will appear.
You will only be able to load low dynamic range images in ParaView 5.8 (PNG or JPG files).
In ParaView 5.9 you will be able to load high dynamic range images (HDR files)

Can we use ambient occlusion in Paraview?I want to achieve real shadow effects.I tried to use a single light source to verify this effect, but it didn’t seem to work.

You can enable RayTracing for this.
Alternatively, ambient occlusion (SSAO) will also come to ParaView 5.9 as well @LfxPaul

I want to use the GPU for rendering, so I won’t use OSPRay. Will SSAO be implemented in PBR?

Yes, it works with PBR and Gouraud

OK,thank you very much.

I’ve got this effect:
But I can only load one image as the background image(skybox).Is there any way to load six images?

The image must be in equirectangular projection, not 6 independent cube faces.
You can get some here: