Regarding nvIndex plugin for paraview

Hi all,
I am using nvindex plugin for paraview 5.9.0. It is working really well. I have successfully run the custom kernel examples that ship with paraview 5.9.0 under kernels_nvidia_index folder to check the custom kernels and they all are good basic usage examples. I want to know a bit more about the capabilities of XAC programming to control the volumetric shading looks and here are some questions in this regard.

  1. Does XAC allow spawning of more rays? Lets say I want to cast a new ray in some direction towards a parametric light source. Is it possible ? if so how?
  2. I notice that XAC volume program automatically samples the volume using a raycasting/raymarching process for each pixel and calls the execute function at an intersection. Can I change the step size of this raymarching? Can I change the volume sampling process altogether to make my own free path sampling routine?
    Sorry if these questions are a bit off for paraview community but I am unable to find any forum on nvidia developer site to post these questions on. If you know any forum where i may post these questions then please do let me know.