Regarding the xdmf file


Full disclosure, I do not know much about Paraview. I started learning FEniCS 2-3 days ago, and have been studying the related tutorials. So I tried the Navie_stokes_cylinder example, and made it work! But now I`m having issues with the xdmf files. For your reference, I have attached the link to the xdmf files.

I just need to know what`s wrong. FEniCS, me, paraview? Where is the problem here? I did everything right.

Everytime I import the xdmf files, it asks me about choosing some reader. Only the first one works, and the other 2 just crash. But when I try to animate using the first one, it gives some sort of read error. (error file is also in the link above)

Failed to Read Data 
Algorithm vtkFileSeriesReader(000001BCAA88B780) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (000001BCABA7E640)

Please help if you can. Just anything!
I have spent like the whole day on it, and now I`m very exhausted, and have no idea what to do.

Thank you!

Can you export to another format from FEniCS ?

Yes, yes. Later on, I actually extracted the data as pvd file also, but that doesn’t support timeseries() function, at least as far as I know. So the lack of timeseries support means much more unnecessary computational time, and also pvd files are kinda messy to organise. Just too many files!

But yes, I did succeed in getting some visuals using the pvd files. So I guess I just have to manage two sets of data then. pvd for Paraview, and xmdf when I need timeseries()

Still, there must be a better way out there, I just hope I find it soon. Having copies of identical data isn’t really easy on the storage drives.

Timeseries are supported in .pvd files, eg dualSphereAnimation4.pvd (1.2 KB)