Rename (F2) not working in Paraview 5.6

Using the rename pop-up window (F2 by default) does not change the name of my data set in the pipeline browser. To change the name I need to click twice (slowly) over the name in the pipeline browser.

I think this is a bug but maybe I am misinterpreting the use of the rename function.

Paraview 5.6 - windows 10 64 bit.

Not a bug, a feature. F2 allows to rename the window, not the pipeline source.

It would be quite simple to add other way to rename the current active source if needed.

Ahh, okay. I was just working with my windows mindset of F2 to rename files. I see the pop-up actually states ‘rename window’ when I expand the box to show the next word. Up to you if you want to add a shortcut key for renaming active source but using the mouse is not that difficult.

Thanks for the quick response!