Rename Plot over Intersection Curves

Should we rename Plot over Intersection Curves? The name just doesn’t describe what the filter does.

How about Plot over Intersection Surface? Or, Plot over Surface?

@Kenneth_Moreland @cory.quammen @utkarsh.ayachit

It doesn’t plot over a surface though. It intersects two surfaces, the external surface of the input dataset and a plane. This intersection yields a curve. The filter then plots data variables on this curve.

What you say makes sense. Not one of my best ideas, I would say… I still find the filter name to be confusing…

What about Plot Over Surface Intersection?


I like what Ken says … It does mean that this filter won’t work plotting 1d lines, but I’m OK with that.

Alterntively, how about Plot over Intersection Edges?

Let’s fix up the filter first and then consider renaming after its functionality is settled. There is a list of implicit functions available for the intersection besides plane that don’t seem to work. We should either make them work or get rid of them. The name of the filter might depend on that decision.

That’s a bug. IIRC, it was only intended to work with planes. I suspect some other changes caused the other implicit functions to show up.

How about making the new filter as an alias instead of deletion of the old? It’s some time confused the old user.

Agreed, lets decide on the name after we know what this filter does. Makes total sense.