RenameArrays filter python call

In Python 5.11 there is a RenameArray filter which is nice. If I open a python console it also recognizes this function. But I cannot find a description of the function. Based on help(RenameArrays) I figured I should use it something like this:

out = RenameArrays(inputFilter, Velocity=‘Velocity_old’)

which would then rename the dataArray ‘Velocity’ to ‘Velocity_old’. But that doesn’t work, I get an error (An AttributeError, ‘Velocity does not exist’, and during the handling of that exception even two more exceptions occured…).

Also: with CellDataToPointData you can get dataArrays with the same name, but one as point data and one as cell data. How can you make the distinction?

Hi @Mezzerine

Just use the Python trace:

# create a new 'RenameArrays'
renameArrays1 = RenameArrays(registrationName='RenameArrays1', Input=wavelet1)

# Properties modified on renameArrays1
renameArrays1.PointArrays = ['RTData', 'Test']