Render of 3D surface in 2D Interaction Mode


I couldn’t find information about that so I take my chance here.
I am using pvpython 3.8 with on Paraview/5.9.1.

I attempt to generate a screenshot of a 3D surface in a 2D Interaction Mode.
The 3D surface is a cylinder made of triangles. The source is read from a .xmf file based of an HDF5 mesh file.

By setting the renderView.InteractionMode = '3D', the source is well represented.

However, I would rather use a 2D Interaction Mode for a question of perspective. But by setting renderView.InteractionMode = '2D', the PNG file obtained by SaveScreenshot() has a bad rendering:

Here is the triangle mesh of the source:

Here is a simple example of my code :

renderView = GetActiveView()
renderView.InteractionMode = '2D'                # Or '3D'

xmf = XDMFReader(FileNames=['file.xmf'])

display = Show(xmf, renderView)
display.SetScalarColoring(None, 0)

SaveScreenshot('output.png', renderView, ImageResolution=(252, 256), TransparentBackgound=1)

Do you have an idea on how to have the same rendering in ‘2D’ perspective than in ‘3D’ ?

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Hi @thibaultDrt ,

Please share your data.


Hi @mwestphal ,

Thanks for your quick answer.
Trying to isolate my cylinder to share it here, I finally found the answer myself.

I was setting the renderView.CameraPosition to something far away from the renderView.CameraFocalPoint, thinking it didn’t really matter in 2D:
renderView.CameraPosition = [0.042, -0.006, 1000]

Apparently it mattered. Setting it to something closer (without being the real distance from the CameraFocalPoint) fix the problem. And if I get further ([0.042, -0.006, 2000]), the quality of the rendering goes even lower.

Sorry for bothering, and hoping it could help someone else,


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