render only what's visible

Hi all,

I am visualizing large 3d gridded data using paraview. AFAIK, all voxels are rendered, independent if the user can see them or not. In other words, if i have a “big” cube that consist of 3x3 smaller cubes, the center one should not be rendered, unless user decide to slice the data.

Is something like that possible?

This depends of the representation in use, but considering you are using “Surface Representation”, then this is incorrect, only the surface is rendered.

Thanks for the reply. Then, is there any limit on how many voxels I can visualize?

I have a 3000x2000x50 matrix. When I generate a vtk file with the voxels, paraview is crashing (after few minutes of loading), without error message.

If I generate 5 vtk files of 3000x2000x10 each, I can load 1-by-1, but not all of them in one go.
I do use the surface render.
Thanks again.

Are you running out of memory ?

I do not know. I have 32gb ram, but I do not see any error message.
How can I check?

Are you using Windows, Mac or Linux ?

windows 10. With Paraview 5.7 and a quadro 1000M GPU.

A sample of the model I am trying is here

  • Ctrl-Alt-Del
  • Performance Tab
  • You can then monitor you RAM and GPU Memory while loading the model.